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  • quite striking.. i'm not all supportive of the background color.. may be if they were toned down a bit... also i can see u in the glare.. could u photoshop it ... other wise good shot
    Rishi B @ 10-12-2009
  • Great work! Composition is excellent!
    Lukes @ 10-12-2009
  • Brader syed andika ni memang paling cool la. Suke aku kalau dia jadi male model.
    Razali @ 22-12-2009
  • Rishi B & Lukes - Thanks ;)

    Razali - dia mmg je la modal aku, takdak org lain dah...hehe
    Firdaus Mahadi @ 22-12-2009

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Hot & Cold

Hot & Cold

Posted: 10/22/09


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